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Standard Limited Warranty


Our standard one-year limited warranty statement applies to all work, beginning upon completion of job and invoice date.


All labor is under a workmanship warranty for one year. Products/materials provided by Greene Hunt Inc. are covered under those product/materials warranties. Products and materials provided by the builder or the owner are not covered in any warranty by Greene Hunt Inc.


Specifically for DRAIN CLEANING jobs:


    1. NO warranty on main line cleaning as too many factors can clog these and main line clogs usually indicate there is something wrong in the main line otherwise. 

    2. 180 day warranty on all residential drain cleaning, which does not include main sewer line, and requires that drain line under warranty be without other defect or flaw.

    3. No drum trap cleaning is under warranty.

    4. 30 day warranty on commode/urinal auger.

    5. 90 day warranty on commercial drain cleaning, exuding the main line.


This limited warranty does not apply per the instances cited below:


    1. Repairs are needed to correct a manufacturer’s defect when materials are provided by others.

    2. Products or materials have been tampered with or altered/installed by others.

    3. Repairs have been made by others.

    4. Repairs or service is needed due to normal or excessive wear and tear.

    5. Damage has been caused through acts of god, misuse, abuse or neglect.

    6. Clogs or backups in sewer system result from improperly disposed of items.

    7. Change in ownership of the building does not result in transfer of warranty to new owner.


If a manufacturer’s defect is discovered in materials provided by others, Greene Hunt Inc.’s Limited Warranty does not cover the labor charges for the correction, replacement or repair of the manufacturer’s defective item. 


It is the owner’s responsibility to notify Greene Hunt Inc. immediately in the event of an installation or repair failure. Greene Hunt Inc. will promptly remedy the installation or repair defect. If the owner fails to notify Greene Hunt Inc. of an installation or repair failure in a timely manner, Greene Hunt Inc. is not liable for water or other damages caused by this delay in notification per the owner. In this latter cited instance, reported defects will be remedied at the discretion of Greene Hunt Inc. per a case by case assessment.


Please submit all warranty claims in writing to:

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